Sens-Tec GmbH


Sens-Tec was founded in 1999 as a joint partnership by Mr. Arnulf Henrichs in Oberhausen, Germany.

The establishment staff, which emerged from the AEG Kanis. Sens-Tec relies on many decades of engineering experience and know-how concerning its range of activities.

In 2007 Sens-Tec changed to Sens-Tec GmbH and moved to Moers, Germany.

Due to the business activity since 1999  Sens-Tec GmbH offers a wide spectrum of measuring sensors and electronic for machine monitoring.

Besides the standard product line Sens-Tec GmbH is focussed on customising systems and producing it in low to medium volumes.


Experience potential

Development of sensors

Development of sensors



Manufacturing of sensors and electronics

Manufacturing of sensors and electronics

Application of maschine monitoring

Application of maschine monitoring

Service and distribution

Service and distribution

From the planning phase to assembly

everything from a single source


Stock keeping

Due to our adequate stock keeping we are able to react quickly to customer wishes and we can offer standard products with a very short delivery time.

Sens-Tec Engineering


We can offer solutions to customer-specific requirements and undertake the Product design, create CAD-models and technical drawings.

Bestückung von Bauteilen

PCB assembly

The SMD- and THT-assembly is taking place at our facilities, thus we can offer high customer focus and flexibility.



In order to guarantee highest quality all our Products are manufactured at our facility. A key advantage is the close contact between Production and product engineering.

Prüfung von Bauteilen

Inspection and testing

Inspection and testing of all products take place before shipping through our qualified employees.

Sens-Tec Service


Maintenance, overhaul and startup operations through our specialized personnel.